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Young At Heart – Why A Credit Card Bill Made Me Realize How Old I’m Getting


Something I’ve been quietly dreading for years finally happened this morning. Read More…


Big Deal Or No Big Deal – How God Doesn’t Play Dice With The Universe. He Plays Poker


Clever people are a necessary evil. Necessary if you appreciate things such as Science, Technology and Art, that is. Read More…

Captain Caveman vs Just William – How A Lady Can Train Her Man Not To Be So Much Of A Dick Without Him Even Noticing


When me and my missus first got together, I was a bit of a caveman. A witty and charming caveman obviously, otherwise she’d have had nothing to do with me in the first place, but a caveman nonetheless. Read More…

Seven more minutes of childhood; a father’s wish for his daughter the morning of 9-11

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I’ll never forget how I felt this day 13 years ago as an American, a firefighter and as a father — and how each held its own kind of hurt that has never completely healed. But of the three, being a father watching the sparkle in my then six-year-old daughter’s eyes noticeably fade just a bit continues to be the memory that lingers most…

image My alarm clock went off the same as it always did back then, coming to life with the morning news — my preference over the annoying, high-pitched alternative of chatter. Instinctively, I swatted the snooze button and bought myself another seven minutes of sleep.

In the years since, I’ve thought a lot about those seven minutes, and how the simple push of a button postponed a bitter reality for just a little longer. When the news came on again, word of the first airliner crashing into…

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