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THE LEGEND OF MOONDANCER – How There’s Often More To Some Things Than Meets The Eye And Why That Can Be A Bit Of A Let Down

 Don’t fret; this isn’t some sort of homage to G P Taylor or J K Rowling or any of the long dead writers whose ideas they both nicked. Read More…


In The Pink – How Girls And Boys Are Different And Why Aliens Think Girls Are Better


YOUNG MAN, there's a place you can go...sorry, I mean young woman..shit!

YOUNG MAN, there’s a place you can go…sorry, I mean young woman..shit!

In Britain today, women outnumber men in two thirds of university undergraduate courses. So far, so feminist. Read More…

Get In The Back Of The Van! – How A Simple Phrase From A 1980s Movie Can Help You Cope With Idiots


If One More Person Names Shawshank As Their Favourite Movie, I'll Slit This Man's Throat

If One More Person Names Shawshank As Their Favourite Movie, I’ll Slit This Man’s Throat

Everyone has a list of favourite movies. My top five list of my favourite movies is quite a fluid thing. Read More…

A Big Bang Theory? – Why You Really Can’t Win If You’re A Woman And What We Should Do About That Fact

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 I wasn’t consciously aware of the name Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting until a few days ago. Read More…

The Horror of Hogmanay – Why The Night I Used To Look Forward To All Year Now Fills Me With Dread


I didn’t go out last night. Nothing unusual in that. I don’t go out most nights Read More…