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Usage And Abusage – Why Words Are Both The Most Beautiful And The Most Annoying Things In The World

You See. They Can't Even Spell It Right First Time.

You See. They Can’t Even Spell It Right First Time.

Words have a life of their own. They can make the most stunning woman you have ever seen sleep with you or make the biggest, ugliest man you have ever encountered punch you in the face. Sometimes they are sublime and sometimes they are crass. Sometimes they are inspiring and sometimes they are annoying. Except in the field of business, where they are always annoying. Read More…


Liberal Prejudices – How Everyone Is A Bigot And Why You Are No Exception


If there’s one thing that is guaranteed to get that twitch going in the corner of my eye and cause an involuntary gritting of my teeth, it’s Liberals. Not the members of the political party – even they have had the good sense to change their name to Liberal Democrats- but the other kind. Though it can’t remain unsaid that a lot of the Liberal Democrats could do with a bloody good kicking. Especially Nick Clegg. That man is so spineless that if you delivered him an uppercut under the chin at the top of a flight of stairs, you get the feeling that he would tumble backwards and walk down the stairs end over end like some sort of human Slinky. Read More…