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The Aspect Of The Honey Badger – Why Heroes Don’t Always Look Like You Picture Them


 “The course of true love never did run smooth”. Shakespeare wrote that. The twat. He wrote a lot of things, Shakespeare. He was the original meme generator. But I’m beginning to suspect that a lot of the things he wrote about weren’t such big problems with the human condition until he plonked them into the public consciousness. Read More…


The Magic Cooking Pot – How To Make Happy Memories With Lots Of Time But Very Little Money


 When I was a kid, around about this time of year, there was one little treat I used to look forward to more than anything else. I always knew this treat was coming because my mum would wash out The Big Black Cooking Pot. It looked a bit like the one in that picture, but a lot less fancy and a hell of a lot more battered. It must have held a good couple of gallons and you had to put it across two gas rings to use it. And The Big Black Cooking Pot being washed out could mean only one thing. Home-made soup. Read More…

Passion, Poetry and Hot Chocolate With Marshmallows – How To Star In Your Very Own Hollywood Movie


Winter Is Coming. For most people, that’s just a tagline from “Game Of Thrones”. An internet meme with Sean Bean holding a sword on a windswept hillside, usually involving some sort of joke. For other people, like me, “Winter Is Coming” is not a joke, it is an actual warning. Something to be genuinely concerned about. Read More…

The Mayor Of Trump Town –  How To Resolve The Presidential Election Dilemma With A Mission To Mars


Americans are terribly proud of the fact that any US citizen can become President Of The United States. They certainly seem to have been going all out to prove that particular point over the last few months. Ok, we get it. But could you just stop now please. You’re really, really scaring us. I don’t know about you, but if my arsehole was puckered up any tighter it would be in serious danger of healing shut. Read More…