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A Failure To Lunch – Is Anorexia A Disease Or A Lifestyle Choice?



The sufferers of Anorexia are roughly divided into two camps. There are those who accept that they are in the thrall of a terrible disease and those who think they are merely exercising some sort of lifestyle choice. The two camps are deeply entrenched in their opinions and are neither is likely to listen to a blind word the other has to say on the subject. It probably follows that neither of them will give any serious consideration to my thoughts on the issue, but I’m going to have a go anyway. Read More…


The Mysterious Martial Art Of Morris Dancing – Why Learning To Beat People Up Is Actually Quite Good For Your Mental Health

On Tonight's

On Tonight’s “Deadliest Warrior”, Morris Dancers vs Predator

In recent weeks, I have taken to the habit of waving sticks around in my back garden. Don’t worry, I haven’t finally succumbed to my inevitable total nervous breakdown and I definitely haven’t had an attack of  Morris Dancing. What I have done is started taking lessons in Eskrima, which is a Filipino stick fighting system. Google it if you haven’t heard of it. You will soon find out that, although both activities involve stout sticks, Eskrima is definitely not Morris Dancing. Read More…

Charlton Heston Put His Bullet Proof Vest On – How The NRA Are Right. Sort Of

That's It Charlton. Cover Up The One That Says

That’s It Charlton. Cover Up The One That Says “Thou Shalt Not Kill

I was a great admirer of Charlton Heston when I was a kid. After all, it takes a person’s entire day’s energy resources just to watch Ben Hur. Imagine how exhausting it was to actually make the thing. This is why the film is only shown on Bank Holidays at midday, to give people a legitimate excuse for lounging around listlessly for the rest of the day. It lends that indefinable Four O’Clock ennui we all should be ashamed of some kind of basis in fact. Can’t be arsed to do anything until bed time? Of course you can’t. You’ve just valiantly sat through Ben Hur. Read More…

Spies Like Us – Why Everyone Seems To Be Missing The Point Over The Guardian Security Leaks


The Name's Bond. James Bond. Oh Fuck, I've Told Them My Real Name Again.

The Name’s Bond. James Bond. Oh Fuck, I’ve Told Them My Real Name Again.

The question on everyone’s lips over the last few days appears to be “How can The Guardian do this?” The arrogance, the hubris, the sheer bloody irresponsibility. And this is a fair enough point after a fashion. The question everyone should be asking, however, is this : “Why can The Guardian do this?” Read More…

The State Of The Union – Why The Big Question Of The Day Is “What The Hell Is Going On In America?”

Republicans. They Never Really Did Get The Hang Of Brinkmanship.

Republicans. They Never Really Did Get The Hang Of Brinkmanship.

When I was a teenager, there was a drama on the BBC called “Threads”. It was about what might happen if there was a nuclear war. I vividly remember the scene where the bomb is actually dropped. A young man stares at the mushroom cloud blossoming above Sheffield. “They’ve done it” he says, as he literally wets himself, “They’ve bloody done it.” Read More…