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Coming out to the ones you love about your alternative (writing) lifestyle

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image (Today at Siuslaw News, we are short-staffed and on early deadlines, with many of us suffering the lingering effects of tryptophan and alcohol. The result is an extremely small staff of tired, hungover reporters trying to put out today’s edition. Being that I am the tallest and least hungover, I am suddenly an integral part of assuring today’s success — which is a stark contrast to the role I normally play in the newsroom. What does this all mean? For those who recognized the title of this week’sNickel’s Worth on Writing, you already know it’s a repeat from a year ago regarding what it means to be a writer. For those who never read this post or, for reasons of their own, blocked the experience from their minds, this will be new to you. In either case, whether reading this for the first time, a second…

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A Series Of Unfortunate Events – The Strange Problem I Have With Lemony Snicket

Lemony Snicket? Yes I Know. It's All That Running Around

Lemony Snicket? Yes I Know. It’s All That Running Around


 Lemony Snicket is the pen name of Daniel Handler. Mr Handler is the author of a great number of successful children’s books. I have no problem with either the author or his books. Read More…

Bigger On The Inside – Why I’m Really Looking Forward To The New Doctor Who

 The new series of Dr Who starts soon. Here’s a post I wrote subject for the programme’s 50th anniversary. Read More…

Want to keep your writing fresh? Start with regular flossing

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image I’d like to thank the American Dental Association for sponsoring this week’s writing tip, which brings me to a startling statistic: 4-out-of-5 dentists have never recommended or even heard of this blog. The fifth dentist only heard about it when, moments after my lips went numb, I was trying to say “Ben Roethlisberger’s lob” and he thought I said “Ned’s worthless blog.” Regardless, there are many similarities between keeping a fresh feeling to your writing and avoiding gingivitis. So think of me as your “literary orthodontist” as I take you through a quick writer’s check-up. Please remember I don’t have a saliva vacuum…

A good dentist will tell you it’s important to floss between meals, and will demonstrate its importance by flossing for you during your visit. That’s unless he also happens to be your proctologist, in which case I’d like to welcome you to the new National Health…

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For writers, it isn’t always easy to find The End

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image Welcome to Ned’s Nickels Worth on Writing, a weekly feature in which I utilize my 15 years as a columnist to impart writing wisdom that 50 Shades author E.L. James has called “The inspiration for my ‘safe’ word.” Keeping that in mind (…ok, that’s enough), this week’s NWOW is special because, like a good “safe” word, it could keep you from getting spanked too hard when it comes to formulating a strong ending to your story, column, novel, latest post or current relationship.

Before we get started, I’d like to say thanks to Ross Murray at Drinking Tips for Teens and Molly at Mollytopia for suggesting this topic in response to last week’s NWOW, during a series of comments that went something like this:

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Gerontophobia – Why You Should Show Your Deeply Offensive Elderly Relatives Some Sympathy And How You Might Become Like Them Yourself


And Another Thing....

And Another Thing….

The old folk. You’ve got to love them, haven’t you? They just say whatever they like and couldn’t give a monkey’s what anyone else thinks about it. Christmas is just around the corner and many of us will be playing host to that insane old Aunt. Read More…

Don’t become your own expendable character; utilize writer survivor skills

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image I think we can all agree it’s Friday! For those who can’t agree, you are welcome to think it’s Thursday. But don’t come crying to the rest of us when you show up to an empty office tomorrow dressed in jeans and a casual dress shirt. For the rest of you, today is also the day I dispense my Nickel’s Worth on Writing: a weekly feature on writing that has been recognized by the prestigious trade magazine Publishers Weekly as “…a weekly post…each and every week…”

But you didn’t come here to read gushing accolades!

Over the years, my wife has gotten used to my (admittedly bad) habit of leaning over and whispering “expendable character” whenever I see someone who I know is going to die. I should clarify I only make these predictions while watching movies, and not, as a general rule, at the grocery store…

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