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I Want To Help Those Less Fortunate Than Myself And Promote World Peace – How A Cambridge Medical Student Has Made Some Feminists Very, Very Angry.


Take a long look at the photograph above. Not a difficult task for most of the gentlemen out there of course, but I want the ladies to have a good look at it too. No ladies, stop looking at the shoes, look at the girl. Read More…


A Shibboleth of Squirrels – How England Avoided Being Invaded By Defending Itself With Trick Words

Shibboleth (noun) – A custom, principle or belief distinguishing a particular class or group of people. Origin : 17th Century, from the Hebrew Sibolet ‘ear of corn’, used as a test of nationality by its difficult pronunciation (Judges ch12 v6) Read More…

Stranger at Sunset ~ Sneak Peek ~ Releases 6.30.14

Last Monday, I introduced my upcoming novel, Stranger at Sunsetwhich releases June 30th. What a difference a week makes.

Since then, I’ve been busy setting up promotion for the book, and I’m thrilled to learn so many people want to help. THANK YOU to all those who have shared about it already. Your kindness is incredible. 

It’s going to be a busy two weeks, but I’m looking forward to the frenzy of it. Below is a passage I will include in the book. You get to read it here first. 😉

sas_2kindleStranger at Sunset is a departure from a genre I’ve become known for—literary erotica. It’s also my first novel. Those who have read my novellas and flash fiction know that characters drive my stories. As much as I enjoy telling a good tale, I love writing about the motivations and actions of people. For me, a…

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And On That Bombshell…. – What The BBC Television Programme “Top Gear” Is Really All About


Last Of The Summer Wine. Top Gear With Bathtubs.

Last Of The Summer Wine. Top Gear With Bathtubs.

If you cradle Richard Hammond’s head in your hands and press his ear gently to yours, like a conch shell, you can hear the distant sound of Jeremy Clarkson. Read More…

Football’s Coming Home – Why Britain Gave Away Baseball But May Never Recapture Football

Baseball. As Seen By British People

Baseball. As Seen By British People


Multibillionaire Warren Buffet gets very angry with his fellow entrepreneurs. Not all of them, just the ones who claim that luck had nothing to do with their success. Read More…