All I’ve got is this pen

At that awkward age – too young to be a grumpy old man, but just acerbic and downtrodden enough to have an opinion.  Read it here.



5 responses to “All I’ve got is this pen”

  1. Kailena says :

    Add health care floors to your skyscraper

  2. Ned's Blog says :

    Hey there, Michael! If you’d rather not reblog my post today, I will completely understand. Admittedly, it’s more new book promotion than writing tip. Here’s a reblog option If you’d rather not reblog either, no worries. I truly appreciate your support.

    Have a great weekend!

    • thedailygrime says :

      Hi Ned. I’ve re-blogged your shameless plug AND “Do You Feel A Draft”. I won’t always be able to re-blog precisely on a Friday because I’m not a professional writer- yet. I currently earn my crust as a retail manager and as such, I often lose track of what day it is but I’ll do my best.

      Please feel free to re-blog any of my stuff if it seems suitable. If your agent/contractual obligations/plans for world writing domination/sense of good taste do not allow this then the odd shout out on Twitter would also be welcome.

      Good Luck with the book

      • Ned's Blog says :

        No explanations necessary, Mike! I know the feeling of losing track of days very well. I have no expectations for you to post my stuff each week, although I do appreciate it and hope it helps your blog and some of its readers. If it does, it’s obvious those people need help anyway…

        I’m limited on what I can reblog, but I am more than happy to sing your praises on Twitter and Facebook. Not as reciprocation, but because you’re stuff is really terrific, Mike.

        Enjoy the day, and thanks again!

        — Ned

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