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Context – Why Charity Can’t Be An Excuse For Everything And Not All Uniforms Are Sexy


One Friday afternoon, when I was in Sixth Form, me and my friend Shane abandoned our usual lessons, put on our Ku Klux Klan uniforms and ran around the streets demanding money. I realise that sounds a teeny bit racist and possibly a trifle thuggish, so please allow me to explain myself. There was a good reason for our little afternoon outing. Read More…


Greece Is The Word – Why The Political Future Of Europe May Hinge On Puctuation


Wednesday was the hottest July day in British history. It was also the day when Greece did the inevitable and became the first ever developed country to default on an IMF loan. This has put the IMF in a tricky situation. Read More…

Mrs Harvey The Rabbit – How My English Teacher Taught Me To Be Tolerant By Being Very Politically Incorrect

Mrs Harvey's English Class. See If You Can Guess Which One Is Me. (Clue : I'm Not Wearing A Skirt)

Mrs Harvey’s English Class. See If You Can Guess Which One Is Me. (Clue : I’m Not Wearing A Skirt)


In my first year at Secondary School- the English equivalent of Junior High back in 1980- I had an English teacher called Mrs Harvey. She taught me about racism. Read More…