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Toki Pona – Fluency In Silence And The Assassination Of Donald Trump


Apart from a few scintillating highlights, 2016 has been the worst fucking year of my entire life. I don’t feel too badly about it though, because broadly speaking 2016 has been a bad year for pretty much everybody.

So many dead celebrities. So many fallen heroes that looking back on this year is like viewing the killing fields at the end of the first day of The Battle of the Somme. Read More…

The Most Amazing Man Who Ever Lived – How A Wolf-Strangling Adventurer Can Show You The Way To Improve Your Life


No matter how much you think you’ve achieved so far, there are always going to be people who make you realize how little you have done with your life. Take Mozart, for instance. I’m 47 years old, so – to paraphrase Tom Lehrer – by the time Mozart was my age, he had already been dead for twelve years. A very sobering thought. Read More…

Doin’ The Lambeth Walk – The Queen’s Secret Past And Where Princess Margaret Hid Her Nazis


Unless you’ve been living in a cave for the last few days, you will doubtless be aware of the photo above. It was published in The Sun newspaper, in case you missed their subtle product placement there. Read More…