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There Can Be Only One – Soulmates, Dragons And Unicorn Sandwiches


The Internet. It’s not all amusing cats, sex and Facebook. Well, okay, it’s about 96 percent those things but there’s other stuff on there too. Motivational memes are pretty popular. Happiness is a subject that crops up a great deal. Lots of unhappy people on the internet, apparently. As anyone who has spent more than five minutes interacting on Twitter can tell you. Read More…


The Idiot Test – How The Internet Treats You Like A Moron And Why It Is Often Bang On The Money


Comic book annuals back in the 1970s had a lot of what you might call “filler” in them. Cartoon strips are expensive to produce and so the annuals were padded out with facts and quizzes and stock photograph articles about Harrier Jump Jets and that sort of thing. Read More…