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The Trousers Of Time – Donald Trump, Stephen Hawking And The Awful Truth About Time Travel

Escaped cartoon character Donald J Trump – before he moved into The White House- claimed that the penthouse he lived in was on the 66th floor of Trump Tower.

Trump Tower only has 58 floors. Read More…


I’m With Stupid – Who’s More Annoying, Clever People Or Stupid People?



There is an old saying which goes: “There’s nothing more annoying than a sober man when you are drunk or a drunk man when you are sober.” On similar lines, clever people hate stupid people and stupid people hate clever people. That is just a simple and incontrovertible fact of life. Read More…

Poisoning Pigeons In The Park – How A Tin Box And A Magic Virgin Made Me Realise I Might Be Becoming A Man


We all have teachers who inspired us when we were at school. We were ungrateful little bastards back then, of course, and didn’t recognise or appreciate that inspiration. But it was always there, waiting to be remembered fondly when we eventually became adults. Read More…

The Wily Ways Of The Elephant God – How The Obstacles In Your Life Might Actually Be Springboards


I stopped believing in my childhood god a very long time ago. I was raised as a Catholic and I have to say that this fact has been a less than positive influence in my life. Read More…

The E-Mail Eunuch – How The Girls Are Beating The Boys At Their Own Game (But Only In The First Half)

Shock And Disapproval. The Natural Ground States Of The Daily Mail Reader.

Shock And Disapproval. The Natural Ground States Of The Daily Mail Reader.

 You see lots of conflicting stories in the newspapers. Global warming is real/Global warming is disproved. Coffee protects you against cancer/coffee is carcinogenic. Lazy immigrants are living the Life of Reilly on benefits/sneaky immigrants are stealing our jobs. Often these stories are in the same newspaper: The Daily Mail. That’s okay though. Daily mail readers are very good a cognitive dissonance.

Read More…

Whacketty Whack (Don’t Talk Back) – Is It A Good Idea For Parents To Smack Their Children?

Corporal punishment teaches kids a lesson, there’s no doubt about that. Read More…

Snake Oil – How A Song By Cher Predicted The Rise Of The Sex Blogger


What PhD Students Looked Like In 2003

What PhD Students Looked Like In 2003

The above photo is of a lady called Dr Brooke Magnenti. If you don’t know who Brooke Magnenti is, Read More…

In The Pink – How Girls And Boys Are Different And Why Aliens Think Girls Are Better


YOUNG MAN, there's a place you can go...sorry, I mean young woman..shit!

YOUNG MAN, there’s a place you can go…sorry, I mean young woman..shit!

In Britain today, women outnumber men in two thirds of university undergraduate courses. So far, so feminist. Read More…

Why Don’t You Just F…-The Double Edged Sword Of The Internet And How To Blunt It


When I was a little boy, back in the 1970s, there was a programme on the BBC during the summer holidays called “Why Don’t You..?” Here’s an example of an episode from 1973. Read More…