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Father’s Day – Bladerunner, Summer Holidays and Suicidal Sheep



So, it’s Father’s Day once again. That’s a photo of me and my dad back in the day. Yeah, yeah, I know. He’s smoking a cigarette right next to me. You have to bear in mind that this photo was taken in 1977. Only vegans and yoga teachers gave a fuck about that sort of thing back then. He did look after me, I promise. Read More…


I Predict A Diet – How Avoiding Lying Can Help You To Lose Weight


I’m getting to the age where I have to think very carefully about things like weight loss, cholesterol and blood pressure. In a way though, I’m lucky not to have been born twenty years before I was. And not just because I would be 66 now if I had. But more on that later. Read More…

SIX PACKS – Why Abs Are Strictly For Youngsters And How To Easily Come To Terms With Your Natural Male Shape


Can't Find The Cheese Grater AGAIN Babe? Oh, Go On Then.

Can’t Find The Cheese Grater AGAIN Babe? Oh, Go On Then.

I go to the gym and enjoy it, and I’m not afraid to say so. I go for lots of reasons. To keep the black dog of depression at bay, to ogle girls, to save money by not going to the pub. Read More…

The Happy World Of Haribo – The Pros And Cons Of Legalizing Marijuana


If it weren’t for cannabis, the makers of Haribo would have went out of business a long time ago. Kids like Haribo, that’s a given. But only stoners actually love them. Read More…

A Failure To Lunch – Is Anorexia A Disease Or A Lifestyle Choice?



The sufferers of Anorexia are roughly divided into two camps. There are those who accept that they are in the thrall of a terrible disease and those who think they are merely exercising some sort of lifestyle choice. The two camps are deeply entrenched in their opinions and are neither is likely to listen to a blind word the other has to say on the subject. It probably follows that neither of them will give any serious consideration to my thoughts on the issue, but I’m going to have a go anyway. Read More…