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I Come From A Little Town You’ve Probably Never Heard Of – How My Only Meaningful Dream Is Actually Just One Big Joke


A few years ago, I went to get some talk therapy. The therapist asked me to keep a dream diary. I did warn her that this was probably a waste of time. My dreams very rarely have any structure. When my slumbering brain talks to me, it’s like an over excited five year old boy trying to tell his mum about a particularly great day he’s had at school. There lots of : “And then, and then, and then, and then…” but with very little actual information being imparted. Read More…

Let Me Tell You About My Operation… – How I Died And Why I Thought I Was Better Than Jesus


Thirteen years ago, just before my 34th birthday, I died. It’s okay though. I got better. I’m not currently a decomposing zombie sitting at a keyboard typing this as yet another errant body part drops to the floor. Zombies don’t write blogs. Though to read some people’s blogs and internet comments, it would be easy to believe that there’s a whole army of The Walking Dead tapping away out there. Read More…

Snake Oil – How A Song By Cher Predicted The Rise Of The Sex Blogger


What PhD Students Looked Like In 2003

What PhD Students Looked Like In 2003

The above photo is of a lady called Dr Brooke Magnenti. If you don’t know who Brooke Magnenti is, Read More…

Why Don’t You Just F…-The Double Edged Sword Of The Internet And How To Blunt It


When I was a little boy, back in the 1970s, there was a programme on the BBC during the summer holidays called “Why Don’t You..?” Here’s an example of an episode from 1973. Read More…