John Wayne Is Big Leggy – How To Re-Invent Yourself Using Celebrities As A Template

“It’s never too late to be the person you could have been”. Yeah okay, it’s a bit twee as sayings go, but there’s a great deal of truth in it. You can re-invent yourself anytime you like. Famous people re-invent themselves all the time. Not Madonna, though.

She’s often cited as constantly re-inventing herself but she never really has. All she’s ever done is reshape her eyebrows, reach into her dressing up box and grab a new outfit every once in a while. The product beneath the costume has always remained disappointingly similar after each “transformation”.

Other celebrities have re-invented themselves, however. One prime example is Luke Goss. Here he is with his brother Matt when they were both in 1980s musical bubblegum band Bros (No, I have no idea which one is which. I don’t think they appeared in left-to-right order like Ant and Dec do now):

images (1)

And here he is now, on the poster art for the movie Hellboy 2:


Admittedly, he not the most famous actor in the world but he is an actor now. He no longer earns his living by having teenage girls throwing their knickers at him and fainting.

Mark Wahlberg has also pulled off a transformation in his life. Here he is when he was known as Marky Mark, The figurehead of Marky Mark and The Funky Bunch.


And here he is now, in his current incarnation. No longer Marky Mark, but Mr Mark Wahlberg: actor, producer and successful businessman.


And finally there’s Jeremy Healy. Hang on, I hear you cry. Jeremy Healy the DJ? Isn’t he a bit of a smarmy twat? Well, yes he is. Though he does know a lot about rap music. He has re-invented himself though. Because back in 1982 he was one half of short lived pop sensation Haysi Fantayzee. (The other half being Kate Garner, who is now a highly respected photographer).

Here’s Haysi Fantayzee performing their hit “John Wayne Is Big Leggy”.

As you can see, he was an even bigger twat back then than he is now. No, I didn’t think that was possible either.

So yes, you can re-invent yourself. Just make sure you don’t give up halfway through the job like Jeremy Healy clearly did.

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