Music Monday ~ I or Me and Thank You Led Zeppelin

National Poetry Month is coming to a close this week, and I’ve been talking about “poetic license” in songs. It’s the last Monday to highlight some bad grammar.

I grew up being taught never to say “You and me.” It should always be “You and I.”

Hmm … a friend and I had a discussion on this last week, and we all know the English language is full of exceptions.

Take, for example, the incorrect use of “I” in Paula Cole’s song “I Don’t Wanna Wait.” Her song begins with:

So open up your morning light // And say a little prayer for I …

Really? That is just bad.

Or how about Bryan Adams’  “Run To You”?

She says her love for me could never die // But that’d change if she ever found out about you and I …

Again … incorrect. It should be you and me.

And the…

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3 responses to “Music Monday ~ I or Me and Thank You Led Zeppelin”

  1. eden baylee says :

    You are so sweet for reblogging, thank you Mike xo

  2. thedailygrime says :

    In England, back in the 70s, this issue was sorted out pretty quickly. It was part of the Primary School curriculum for seven-year olds to watch certain programs on the big school television. The main one was called “You and Me”. Problem solved.

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