The Alchemy Of The Human Brain – Why famous People Are Exactly The Same As You. Only Usually With More Money


Kurt Cobain. Deeply Admired And Sorely Missed

There seems to be a fallacy in the collective mind of the public that famous people spend all day lounging around smoking rainbows and eating unicorn sandwiches. They do not.

Famous people have mums and dads and people who bullied them at school, same as everyone else. They are just people, though sometimes they forget this and begin believing their own hype. That’s when you get dressing room riders that involve bowls of M&M’s with all the yellow ones taken out and everything else in the room having to be white

Kurt Cobain wasn’t that sort of star. Sure, he lived in a big house but he longed for his old life and still bought his clothes at thrift stores. He had what many people would consider a perfect life. Critical acclaim, money, adulation. And at the height of his success, he killed himself. Why?

I don’t pretend to know much about Kurt Cobain. I don’t really know much about famous people either, because I don’t actually know any. But I do know one thing that all famous people have in common. They all have a brain. And it’s a tricky thing, the brain.

You can be the toast of society, living in a big mansion, rich as Croesus and be so miserable you choose to end your life. Or you can be living in a hovel without a pot to piss in and be quite content. This is because the things you experience arrive at the little core that is You via the medium of the convoluted filter that is the human brain. And the human brain is like the worlds most powerful alchemist. It can turn anything in to anything. Riches to rags. Gold to shit. And fame and fortune into a reason to end your life.

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2 responses to “The Alchemy Of The Human Brain – Why famous People Are Exactly The Same As You. Only Usually With More Money”

  1. Ned's Blog says :

    Well said and absolutely true. Happiness isn’t a matter of reaching the expectations of what society defines as happy; happiness is relative — unless you can relate to it, you’ll never have it.

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