Thanks to Alan King, this week’s Nickel’s Worth is on me. Literally.

Read this post three times on my lunchbreak Ned. Inspirational and informative. I particularly liked the comment that creativity will anticipate your routine and be waiting for you when you arrive at your keyboard. You really are a wise man.

Ned's Blog

For regular readers of this blog, I know what you’re thinking:
“I’ve seen pictures of Ned before, and I remember him being… older. And slightly more Caucasian.”

That’s because it’s a photo of Alan W. King, whose work as a journalist and blogger is best described as continued excellence. I’ve been a follower of his for a while, so when he recently began an interview series called “Writers and Their Process,” I was thrilled when he asked me to be a part of it.

Okay, fine — I screamed like a 13-year-old girl who finds herself on an elevator with Harry Styles.

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