Think Of The Children – Why The BBFC Are Right To Lift The Current Censorship Restrictions

Kids. Rude.

Kids. Rude.


A couple of days ago, the chairman of the British Board of Film Control –the BBFC- conceded that it is now “game over when it comes to protecting children from swearing”. Cue outrage from the Daily Mail and the Daily Express. Well, they will express outrage when they can tear their focus away from immigration and apocalyptic weather scenarios.

I found this announcement quite shocking. I had no idea that kids were being protected from swearing. Protecting kids from swearing makes about as much sense as protecting fish from water. The papers are bemoaning the fact that children as young as twelve will be allowed to hear George Carlin’s big seven swearwords.

Children hear those seven words all day, every day, from each other. Swearing is the language of the playground. It’s something you either grow out of or you don’t. You really don’t have to protect them from it.

I’m racking my brains trying to think of any swearwords I know now that I didn’t know when I was twelve and I can’t think of any. Come to think of it, I can’t think of that many I didn’t know when I was seven, but maybe that’s just me. There’s a few sexual phrases I wouldn’t have recognised. Bagpiping, tarmacking, Voltaire’s angry glove. But they aren’t swearwords technically speaking, so they don’t count.

We shouldn’t be concerned about kids being exposed to swearing. We should be concerned about all of the Bowdlerised, anodyne, formulaic crap they are being exposed to on the television. Put a bit of edgy swearing in there. Start speaking their language. Because at the moment they find it all really boring. Which is why they make their own entertainment posting their stupid stunts on YouTube and sending each other pornographic selfies.

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One response to “Think Of The Children – Why The BBFC Are Right To Lift The Current Censorship Restrictions”

  1. eden baylee says :

    Might I say I’ve always considered ‘censorship’ as the c-word. I didn’t learn that word until after I knew the word, ‘cunt.’ I’m sure I wasn’t yet eleven at the time.

    I knew ‘cunt’, along with other ‘bad’ words got a rise from adults, so I used them often, usually indiscriminately. Would I have stopped if someone censored me? No, the opposite would’ve happened.

    Maturity and learning better ways of expressing myself taught me to stop.

    You might like a post I wrote sometime ago. Yours reminded me of it because you mentioned George Carlin.


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