The Job Interview

The Unemployed Graduate

For those of you who are unaware of my recent job calamity, here’s a recap. Since graduating I’ve been working as a temp in a South London Hospital and have been subjected to a cacophony of teeth kissing and acrylic nails tapping keyboards by my ‘sassy’ co-workers. The only person more annoying than these two ‘drag queen’ lookalikes is an incompetent manager who looked like something out of the Nutty Professor and had a Mugabe-esque managerial style. After spending a year of being ground down into the carpet I finally exploded and left the office in a tirade, only to be placed back in the same Hospital by my twat of a recruitment consultant!

Recruitment Consultant

So, I was working in the offices opposite my former colleagues, and spent the majority of my day ducking and diving around pillars, wearing a Bruce Willis wig and sometimes wearing a patient smock! My…

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