The Bedroom Tax Part Two – Is David Cameron Really This Arrogant Or Is Something More Sinister Going On?

That's The Right Hand. the Left Hand Doesn't Know What It's Doing. See?

That’s The Right Hand. the Left Hand Doesn’t Know What It’s Doing. See?

Until very recently, The Bedroom Tax was officially called “The Under Occupation Penalty” by the Government. (See previous post “EPCOT” for details.) Now, in a delightfully cheeky piece of spin doctoring, the Government is referring to it as “a reduction in the spare room subsidy”. Nice try, but changing the name does not alter the nature of the beast. Changing the name of gamma radiation to “Magic Moon Beams” would not stop it from ripping up your DNA and making your hair fall out in big scaly lumps.

David Cameron is trying to change the nature of the beast. And not in a spin doctorey way either. He has recently assured us that disabled children are currently exempt from this malicious tax. They are, but only because Judges have decided that taxing disabled children is not in keeping with the spirit or letter of any laws and they have disallowed it. But that’s ok, because Cameron is trying to get that decision overturned. In fact he was in the process of trying to get it overturned while he made the reassuring speech.

So the question is this. Just how fucking stupid does David Cameron think we all are? Ok, he’s an arrogant, Eton and Oxford educated toff. But can he really think the British Public will fall for this? However gullible we might be in other ways, we are renowned for our innate sense of fair play. And taxing disabled kids – and wounded soldiers and foster carers – is most definitely not cricket.

I reckon Cameron and his cronies don’t think we will fall for this at all. I think he and his coalition cronies realise that they have been elected at the worst possible time in history as far as holding onto long term power is concerned. So they are slowly but surely making sure that they do NOT get in at the next election. They’re not being TOO obvious about it. It’s being made to look like an organic and unconnected series of fuck ups, rather than the “Unelectable for a Generation” thing that the Tories did under Thatcher.   Although that one was actually just arrogance.

There Is No Plan B. Am I The Only One Made Nervous By That?

Oh, And You're Probably Going To Need One Of These Too.

Oh, And You’re Probably Going To Need One Of These Too.

The Coalition is treading a fine line. It has “no Plan B” because it is relying on Labour to implement Plan B when they inevitably get in next time. So the Coalition will carry on with Austerity, desperately hoping that the economy doesn’t implode due to lack of investment before Labour take over. Labour will invest when they get back in. Wisely or foolishly, that’s just what Labour Governments do. They spend money.

The worst of this recession has not yet happened. Cameron knows this. He didn’t become Prime Minister by being a complete idiot. He’s bitten off more than he can chew though. So he’ll carry on with cuts and taxes and let Labour spend us out of it, just like they had to after World War II. Then, when the worst is over and election time rolls around again he will play the “Yes, things are better, but how much better would they have been if Labour hadn’t spent all this money” card. And hey presto, the Tories will get in for another two terms at least. Because despite inadvertently spending us out of the recession, Labour will have done something stupid. Probably lots of things.

Still, all this is yet to come. In the meantime, brace yourselves. Pretty soon you won’t be tightening your belts. You’ll be boiling them up to make soup.

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One response to “The Bedroom Tax Part Two – Is David Cameron Really This Arrogant Or Is Something More Sinister Going On?”

  1. Ned's Blog says :

    Excellent piece. I will begin a belt drive as a show of support here in the U.S.

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